Why Red Wing Socks should be in everyone’s sock drawer!

Recently, we told you everything there was to know about the reason why our boots are usually not lined. The conclusion was simple: Socks matter! #socksmatter. A pair of good socks can serve as a lining for your Red Wing boots and make sure that your feet will stay nice and warm. Even more so, it will last much longer and is much more versatile than the usual woollen or felt linings. With the right pair of socks, there is no need for making compromises on quality and versatility. This is just one of the reasons why we love Red Wing socks. There are two other important reasons why we believe that everyone should have a pair in their sock drawer: Comfort and durability. We and a lot of other Red Wing-wearers find that Red Wing socks are some of the most comfortable socks on this planet. (Maybe even on other planets, we cannot be 100% sure about that. If anyone knows any extra-terrestrial sock brands, please contact us!) It is not unusual for people to come back to our store the day after they got their first pair of Red Wing socks saying that their feet have never felt happier before and that they want an extra few pairs to stay comfy for the rest of the seasons. Red Wing socks improve the fit of your Red Wing boots. Our socks are bit thicker than most socks. This might scare you a bit at the first instance, but it makes for a more comfortable fit, when you start wearing your Red Wing boots but also after you have broken them in. Red Wing socks keep your feet in place, especially your heels. There are specific styles than can satisfy your specific needs. Some styles, such as the Cotton Cushion socks, are deliberately designed to offer some extra cushioning in your Red Wing boots. Styles like the Deep Toe Capped Wool socks, on the other hand, have a specially designed toe and heel cap that better support your feet during long days of walking and standing. Our socks our as comfy outside as they inside of your boots. We often hear of people wearing them inside their homes without their boots on. There truly is a world of difference in terms of comfort between wearing a pair of usually low quality, mass produced socks and a pair of Red Wing socks. This difference extends to the durability of Red Wing sock. Red Wing socks will often last longer than your usual socks. Every single sock is carefully crafted in the USA using only the strongest materials. You can be sure that your socks will be as durable as your Red Wing boots. We live in a world of ‘fast-socks’ that people get for the mere reason of the funny emoticons on them, puppy paws, or even Santa Clause riding his sleigh in a onesie. It happens too much that people buy socks and end up wearing them only a few times, or even worse, just once. They usually land in the garbage bin or in the back of your closet. This is not good for you or for the environment. In the same way that it makes sense to invest in a proper pair of boots, we should try to invest in some proper socks that can be worn on the long term and end up being used. Red Wing socks matter because they are the ultimate lining for your Red Wing Shoes but also because they are incredibly comfortable and durable. They make your boots fit even better and are all crafted in the USA using some of the strongest fabrics around. If you have not already, make the leap and get yourself your first pair of Red Wing socks. Stay warm and comfy on the long term and head out to our online store or visit us at the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam in the Reestraat, Amsterdam.