How to measure your feet at home

Selling Red Wing Shoes for many years, we have become very experienced in measuring the feet of our customers. Once you have found your size, you will be hooked forever. Trust us.
We are very proud to announce that Red Wing Amsterdam have created a way for you to measure your feet at home. Accompanied by a ‘how to’ video and a step by step guide.
Download the PDF form here and follow the instructions in the video, or read below.


Step 1: Print the form. Connect the two pieces of paper Step 2: Check the print. Is the circle the size of a €0,50 coin? Step 3: Measure the length and the width of your foot

Keep in mind: Red Wing Shoes fit big

If you measure A-C width: take a full size down. Example: 11.5 length and C width -> take size 10.5

If you measure D-EE width: take half a size down. Example: 11.5 length and D width -> take size 11

We have a couple of side notes next to the video: - If you wear an orthopedic insole we advise you to take the size you have measured on the printed sheet, no need to size down. - If your foot is very narrow or wide, it might be better to take a picture of the size measured and email this to for further assistance.

Please contact us if you are not sure about your size, of have any questions. Message us at for further assistance. We are here to help!

Enjoy measuring and finding the right size for you!

All the best from Amsterdam, Mitch, Stephen & Jarv.