The New Munson Ranger and the Red Wing Post

Ones again Red Wing dives back into the thick research papers of Dr Munson. A few years ago Red Wing Shoes teamed up with Nigel Cabourn to make an homage to the man who revolutionized military footwear. This resulted in the famous Red Wing Nigel Cabourn Munson Boots. This time however Red Wing is releasing a new Munson shoe on its own, called 'the Munson Ranger'. For those of you who are not yet familiar with the work of Dr Munson, Dr Munson was a Major at the Medical department of the U.S. Army. He made an extensive research of soldiers feet. For four years he measured about 2,000 soldiers feet. Based on this research he designed a shoe last that was the perfect 'soldiers fit'. During the two world wars Red Wing was a major supplier of military footwear. In these troublesome times the Munson last was largely used. Afterwards the last was also used for the work boots. And the last time it was used it was combined with a capped-toe. This is where our new Munson Ranger comes from. The Munson Ranger is available in Burgundy leather and is finished with a Nitrile Cork outsole. Starting from tomorrow these beauties will be in store- and online available. But thats not it! Today we are very proud to announce the coming of Red Wing Shoes very own publication! On the 10th of July, the first Red Wing Post will be available. For the first time we will have our very own printed publication, only available at the Red Wing Shoe Stores. Be sure to come get one. We would love to hear your thoughts about it.