Red Wing Shoe Store Exclusive: Limited Edition 2966 Engineer Black Klondike

We have been quiet for quite a while about this one, but we can finally share some great news with you. We have launched a very special Red Wing Shoe Store Exclusive! We are talking about the Red Wing Shoes 2966 Engineer Non Steel Toe in Black Klondike. This new Red Wing Shoe Store Exclusive has a few different specifications in comparison to the existing Red Wing Shoes 2268 Steel Toe Engineer in Black Chrome. For starters, the 2966 Non Steel Toe comes without a steel toe - who would have guessed.. - and is made with Black Klondike leather made from a brown base crust with a black paint finish. The black paint will gradually wear off to reveal the brown color underneath, to create a great vintage look. Also, the Red Wing Shoes 2966 Engineer Non Steel Toe will come in an old Red Wing Shoes box style dating back to the seventies. The Engineer boot has been in the collection since 1936 and was developed for engineers working on America's railroads. Thirty years later the 2268 was updated with a steel toe and a few other changes, creating the very 2268 that is still in the collection this day. As you might know the Red Wing Shoe Store Exclusives are made in limited quantities so make sure you get your hands on a pair of these boots as soon as you can. The 2966 Non Steel Toe Engineers are now available in our Amsterdam shop and our online store. Hope to see you there!