Red Wing Shoe 1907 6'' Moc Toe Copper Rough & Tough

Oh yes, it's that time again: the return of the Red Wing Shoes Specials. We're happy to present this one to you. It is the 1907 6'' Moc Toe Copper Rough & Tough. While one could mistake it for the similar 875 model, there are in fact a lot of differences. Differences that truly make this shoe next level. The 1907 6” Moc Toe is created with the Copper Rough & Tough leather quality which has a beautiful, scraped look. The contrast in the leather gives the shoe a striking vintage look. Another detail that sets this model apart is that, instead of a Goodyear welt the 1907 Moc Toe has a Norwegian Welt. This particular welt is stitched on the sole and to the upper, which makes this shoe even sturdier. A double Goodyear welt, if you will. Normally, Red Wing uses a white midsole if the shoe has a White Traction Tread Sole, but for this model the brand went with a dark brown midsole. The shoe comes with Rawhide laces which, in combination with the vintage look of the leather, the Norwegian Welt and the dark mid-sole, make it look extremely rough. This shoe is only available in the USA (one of the best sellers over there!) but we now carry a limited number of these shoes here in Amsterdam. Trust us, you don't want miss this one. Buy it here