Oro-Russet: "The Evolution of a Color"

Today Tenue de Nîmes released a special edition of the Nouvelle de Nîmes on the Red Wing 4558 Oro-Russet today, containing all you need to know about the boots and their background. Have a look at the video beneath presenting the issue entitled "The Evolution of a Color" and read the online extended version of the gazette. The Nouvelle de Nîmes "The Evolution of a Color" will be exclusively presented with every pair of Red Wing Shoes ordered online or bought at our Amsterdam store. Released by Red Wing Shoes in 1949, "The Irish Setter" was designed as an outdoors hunting boot. The leather then used for the boot was named "Russet Red", referring to the American Russet potato, and contained more oil at the time. The leather used on the Red Wing 877 has since always been subject to change and in the 90s Red Wing applied a deeper red colored leather which was soon to be discontinued. Today, twenty years later, Red Wing decided to bring the "2nd Oro Russet" leather back to life. Containing the classic characteristics such as the Cushion Crepe Wedge sole, the leather and cork insole, the moccasin toe for extra room and the tan/gold laces, it has all the quality you search for in an outdoors boot. The Red Wing 4558 Oro-Russet 8" Moc Toe is now available in our webstore!