Introducing the Red Wing Shoes 4590 Iron Ranger in Chocolate Muleskinner

For this fall the Red Wing Shoe Company introduced the Iron Ranger in a new type of leather, the Chocolate Muleskinner. The Red Wing Shoe Company has worked before with this type of leather, it is also seen on the latest collaboration with Nigel Cabourn. The Chocolate Muleskinner is a deep oiled rough-out type of leather. Rough-out has the flesh side, which is also known ale the rough side, of the hide facing outwards instead of inwards. As a result of turning the usual position of the leather around, the grain is unbroken which makes sure the shoe is perfectly waterproof. The Iron Ranger is a well known style from the Red Wing Shoe Company. Inspired by the style Red Wing Shoes built in the early 20th century for miners working in the northern Minnesota Iron Range. Mining on the Iron Range was a dangerous job full of hazards and the brave workers who took these jobs required extra protection on their feet. To meet the demands of this type of work, Red Wing Shoes designed the Iron Ranger. Specific features are the double leather layer toecap with a two double stitch and an unique wear-resistant Cork outsole which is flexible and oil resistant. Also the heel pocket, an extra strip of leather that supports the heel inside the boot, was moved to the outside of the boot for added stability. These design changes provided a seamless boot interior and added durability to the exterior of the boot; necessities for workers on their feet all day in the harsh conditions of the mines.