An Analysis of the New Red Wing Shoes 9165 Hand-Sewn Chukka Style

Red Wing Heritage introduced a couple of new styles this spring for the upcoming season. To not let them pass by silent and give you a sense of what they're made of and sets them apart from others, we'll present you with a proper analysis. Last week we already laid our hands on the new 8051 Work Oxford Black Star style and now it's time for the 9165 Charchoal Rough & Tough Hand-Sewn Chukka. As the name already suggests, the Red Wing Genuine Hand-Sewn collection is sewn together by hand with old-fashioned techniques and is made in Maine, the traditional home of the moccasin style. The shoe features 3 bronze eyelets and the extra upper gives the shoe a considerable better stability than a regular boat shoe. The upper is made from the recent developed Charcoal Rough & Tough leather by SB Foot Tanning Company and in combination with the leather Chestnut laces gives it its playful solid appearance. The outer Dual Density Rubber EVA sole is constructed with a traditional Littleway lockstitch and provides for excellent grip on wet surfaces and keeps the overall weight of the shoe low and easy wearable. If you're still searching for the right shoe to bring with you on summer holidays, this is an excellent option. Find the 9165 Charcoal Rough & Tough Hand-Sewn Chukka right here.