RWA Women's Month: Get to know the collection!

Ladies, you are seriously impressing us with your #RWSAwomen outfits on Instagram. It is really awesome to see so many women with such different backgrounds all rock Red Wing Women's boots, be it on a night-out, at work or while camping! Now, we can imagine that some of you are still quite new to Red Wing boots. With this post, we want to introduce you to the core of the Red Wing Women's collection, from the classic Moc Toe styles and round-toe styles like the Iron Ranger and Silversmith to our more contemporary, heeled boots like the Harriet, Clara and Carol... call it a Red Wing Women's 'find your style' speed dating-session, if you want! Remember, all of these styles can be found at the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam in the Reestraat, Amsterdam, as well as online.

The Classic Moc Toe family

Probably the most iconic Red Wing style, the Classic Moc Toe. It was built with a particular purpose in mind: withstanding hard labour conditions. For this reason, it quickly became one of America's most popular working boots after its introduction in the mid-1950's. Especially farmers and hunters were a fan of this style. Over time it has evolved into a timeless icon that stands for American heritage and outstanding quality. The Red Wing Women's collection is currently home to four different versions of the Classic Moc Toe: the classic 3375 Moc Toe in Oro-Legacy, the stylish 3373 Moc Toe in Black Boundary, the gorgeous 3376 Moc Toe in rough-out Sand Mohave and the recently released 3372 Moc Toe in rough-out Honey Chinook. They are all equipped with the same supple, full-grain leather, comfy footbeds and durable white Traction Tred soles, ready to take you wherever you want to go!

The Round Toe family

The Round Toe family is a bit bigger and more diverse than the Classic Moc Toe family. It traces its roots back to the early and mid 20th century when the Red Wing Shoe Company introduced several different styles specially made for the harvest and mining industry. The Iron Ranger was originally designed for the mineworkers of the Mesabi Iron Range in Northern Minnesota. To make them both durable and comfortable they placed the heel and toebox reinforcement on the outside, rather than the inside of the boot. Just like with the Classic Moc Toe, you can't get any more Red Wing than with the Iron Ranger. We stock various versions of this style. There are the classic 3366 Iron Ranger in Black Boundary and 3365 Iron Ranger in Amber Harness, as well the recently released 3368 Iron Ranger in gorgeous rough-out Sand Mohave. Moreover, there is the Silversmith. Gorgeous, right?! A lot of its features can also be found on the men's Harvester style. The Harvester was a long-time favourite to farmers across America. Mainly because of their height and convenient speed hooks, which are also present of the Silversmith. Currently, the Silversmith comes in two different colours: the 3361 Silversmith in Black Boundary and the ever-popular 3362 Silversmith in Copper Rough & Tough.

The Heels Family

What is a women's boot collection without a couple of seriously beautiful leather-stacked heeled boots in it? Well, luckily we've got those too! Whether you are looking for a subtle no-laces design or for more of an everyday kind of boot, we have quite the selection available. Starting off with the Clara. The guys at the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam simply can't get enough of these boots. Drawing from the original Classic Moc Toe design, the Clara features, well... a moc toe, as well as a beautiful leather-stacked heel, grippy rubber soles and some very elegant laces. We believe that these boots are the best of both worlds: They're adventurous, yet elegant. They're available in two colour ways: the 3405 Clara in Black Boundary and the 3406 Clara in Amber Harness. Finally, we want to introduce you to some of our most elegant styles: the Harriet, in a way quite similar to the Clara, and the Carol. Both have a no-laces design and beautiful leather soles, making them ideal for more formal occasions. Just like the Clara, both styles come in two colour ways. There are the 3391 Harriet in Black Boundary and the 3392 Harriet in Amber Harness. Then there are the 3461 Carol in Black Boundary and the 3462 Carol in Amber harness.