The Red Wing Amsterdam store talks with blog Long John

Some time ago, the one and only Red Wing Amsterdam store manager Mitch answered some questions for online magazine Long John. The website was founded six years ago and is all about fashion and lifestyle that is high in quality and craftsmanship. Red Wing Shoes fit right in that category and so Long John was eager to sit down with us to talk about our heritage, the store and the collection offered. Here are some excerpts from the item. "Can you tell a little bit about the history of the Red Wing Amsterdam store: The Red Wing Shoes store Amsterdam opened in 2010. Menno van Meurs of Tenue de Nîmes was selling Red Wing Shoes in his store and loved the product so much he thought it would be amazing to have a Red Wing Store in Amsterdam. We are actually open for 7 years now!” “Are there new styles added for upcoming season and which one: For this summer season we have new color updates on the Weekender Collection and we have the brand new Merchant Oxford, this is a real proper Oxford shoe! Upcoming winter we will have a lot of exclusive styles coming up which I am excited about. This winter we are going to put a lot of focus on the Pecos style, the western pull-on boot, it will arrive in black suede, killer shoe! And also a lot of new Womens collection coming up!” “What’s the most iconic Red Wing style in your opinion and why: To me this is the 6’’ Classic Moc Toe because it doesn’t matter where and on who you see them, you will always recognize this as a Red Wing Shoe. Besides this, it’s the Red Wing Shoe which did put the brand Red Wing Shoes on the worldwide market in the early 50’s, so yes the most iconic.” The item also features some photos of the store and the collection. Check it out by clicking right here!