April is Red Wing Amsterdam Women's Month!

Ladies, listen up! This April we are organising the Red Wing Amsterdam Women's Month. Wait, what?! Women's Month?! Yes, that's right! This months will be completely devoted to the amazing Red Wing Women's collection and, most importantly, the many inspiring women who wear our boots. We will be sharing a lot of exciting content in which you will get to know all the ins and outs of the Red Wing Women's collection as well as some of the women who choose Red Wings as their go-to pair of shoes. In addition, we are hosting an exciting contest. Curious on how you can enter? Then definitely don't stop reading. Share your Red Wing Women's outfit using #RWSAwomen and @RedWingAmsterdam to get featured! The contest will be held on our Instagram. We are asking Red Wing women from across the globe to post their favourite Red Wing Women's outfit, using the hashtag #RWSAwomen and tagging us at @RedWingAmsterdam. We want to see how you put your Red Wing Women's boots to use! We are going to feature some of the most exciting entries on our Instagram page. Entering the contest is simple...

  1. Take a photo of you wearing your Red Wing Women's boots; There are no rules or guidelines, so get creative!
  2. In your caption, include the hashtag #RWSAwomen and tag us at @RedWingAmsterdam.
  3. Post your photo and keep a close eye on the Red Wing Amsterdam Instagram page!
There are no other rules or guidelines, so get creative and give us a glimpse into your life on Red Wing Women's boots. Do you wear them to work, while hiking or to a nice evenening dinner? Maybe even tell us a little bit about yourself, your outfit and why you like your Red Wing Women's boots so much. We would love to get to know you a little bit! The contest runs throughout April and we will feature the coolest, most inspiring entries on a rolling basis. We cannot wait to see your photos! Of course, if you don't already, make sure you follow us on Instagram to keep up with the exciting content that we will share with your during the Red Wing Amsterdam Women's Month. We may even have a Spring Summer 2018 release in store for you ladies!