2017 Roundup: The Top 5 Red Wing Amsterdam Blogposts

2017 is nearing its end. Yesterday we revealed which Red Wing styles were leading 2017. Today we want to share with you the top five most-read blogposts. We shared a lot of content with you because the year was filled with so many Limited Edition releases, exciting events and milestones. You might have read all of them because you have been following us on social media, but you may well have missed out on a few. Tomorrow, the last day of the year, will be all about the five most loved Instagram photos! So, make sure to return tomorrow (or simply follow our Insta-stories!) to find out what photos you folks loved the most.
  1. A brand new collection of Red Wing Small Leather Goods
One of 2017’s most exciting releases involved the new Small Leather Goods collection. The collection is the epitome of the know-how and expertise that Red Wing Shoes has gained of its 100+ year long history. It comes as no surprise that you were super interested in this new line of Red Wing products.
  1. Out now: The Irish Setter 9875 Moc Toe in Klondike
This style closed the list of most popular Red Wing styles and simultaneous made its way onto the list of most-read blogposts. That Black Klondike is doing the trick for sure! The boot stole the show ever since it was released halfway through October. At the moment we have only 2 left (and they’re pretty good sizes)!
  1. New Red Wing Shoes arrivals: Irish Setter Limited Series
Limited, one-of-a-kind and much less costly that a DeLorean time machine. All the right ingredients for landing in the top five. Our blogteam surely was having creative moment when they compared the Irish Setter Limited Series to Doc’s time travelling sports car. Just like the 9874 Moc Toe, these styles sold like hotcakes.
  1. Red Wing Amsterdam on tour in Minnesota
Red Wing Amsterdam icons Menno and Mitch were in Red Wing, Minnesota, for the annual Red Wing meeting. They won in soccer from the Red Wing USA team (obviously… ;), took their vintage treasure hunting to the next level and sampled over 100 craft beers. Wait, what? That cannot be right…They shared some of their photos and you guys seemed to like them a lot.
  1. The Red Wing 875 Moc Toe pays a visit to Indonesia
Any Red Wing fan knows that Moc Toes are a traveller’s best friend. Comfy, sturdy and with an ability to blend into the environment, this traveller thought the same. He checked out some Indonesian volcanoes and showed of his Red Wing boots on top of the Gunung Merapi. Do you agree with the statistics or do you have a different top five? We would like to what content you like the most and what topics you would like to read more about! If you missed out on yesterday’s post be sure to check it out here and definitely keep an eye out for the final roundup post of 2017.