The Essence of Red Wing Shoes

It is quite easy for one to find the right words to describe what makes Red Wing such a great product. However it gets a lot harder when one tries to describe why he loves it so much. The answer to the question: ‘Why is Red Wing such a great product?’ is as I said before easy and simple. All of it has to do with quality. Quality in the sense of durability, comfort and overall excellence. Buy a pair of Red Wing shoes or boots and you are guaranteed to experience a powerful peace of footwear that will stay with you for as long as you let it. That answer, however, does not fully answer the question: ‘Why would you love a pair of Red Wings?’ Fact is that we live in the 21st century, a modern age, which means that these days there are a lot of great quality products out there. So what does give Red Wing that nice edge? This question can have loads of different answers. For me it was the sense of true authenticity. You are confronted with a product that is made with over a century of shoe-wisdom. Not only does that contribute to the quality of the product, it also romanticizes it. The idea that the double-layered toe cap of the Red Wing Shoes 8111 Iron Ranger was just designed for extra protection for the miners in the Mesabli Iron Range. Or the thought that the Engineer boots were originally designed for the guys who would shovel the coal into the locomotive engines, to protect them from falling embers. All of the Red Wing products have these kinds of facts and this is exactly what makes them so special. I could go on for quite a while about all of the other factors that make Red Wing great, but what we would like to know is what makes your Red Wing boots so great for you? Please feel free to comment or message us at Written by Sam Verbeek.