Red Wing Core Collection: The Iron Ranger

While last month was all about the Red Wing Women's Collection and the awesome women who wear it, we are using the month May as an opportunity to talk about the some of Red Wing's most classic styles. While the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam does offer some seasonal styles, a lot of the models on offer have been a part of the collection for years. From the historic Iron Ranger and the Moc Toe styles to the light-weight Weekenders and the versatile Work Chukka... we are going to tell you everything there is to know about these iconic and timeless styles. We will discuss how the models came about and why they are so awesome. Today, the Iron Ranger is on the menu!

After opening your Instagram or Tumblr, it won't take long for a pair of these boots to pop up on your feed.

Meet the Iron Ranger As one of the most popular Red Wing styles to have ever walked this earth, the Iron Ranger is the definition of the term 'classic'. Their very distinct design with the toe and heel reinforcement on the outside of the boots makes them very easy to recognise. But while they definitely stand out from the crowd, this is not what makes them so unique. The Iron Ranger is so special because the boots are arguably some of the most functional boots on the market. They are extremely durable, easy to wear and versatile. Why? Well... it has everything to do with the people whom they were originally designed for.

The Iron Ranger and the Mesabi Range

In the early 1900's, there was the Mesabi Range in Northern Minnesota. It was an important mining region where miners explored the earth's surface for hematite, a mineral from which iron can be derived. These miners worked long days under extreme conditions. The Red Wing Shoe Company noted that they were not wearing the right boots to help them get the job done and so it introduced the - now iconic - Iron Ranger. These boots were different from other boots, not just because of their oil-resistant sole, speed hooks and extremely tough leather, but also because of their double layered toe and heel cap. This made the boots very protective and ideal to be worn in the mines.

Quality and durability for everyone, everywhere

The Iron Ranger soon became a symbol for quality and durability. It became the go-to style for workers of all sorts, all across the world. But it also became a boot for artists - from musicians to photographers -, for entrepreneurs and for explorers. After opening your Instagram or Tumblr, it won't take long for a pair of these boots to pop up on your feed. The beautiful thing about the Iron Ranger is that anyone, anywhere, can rock this style. Our current collection boasts a large number of variations on the Iron Ranger. The Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam offers the style in multiple shades of black and brown, as well as in gorgeous Oxblood. In addition, there is the ever popular rough-out Hawthorne Muleskinner leather.