Recap: Red Wing Amsterdam Shoe Care Day with Rik van Houten

About two months ago, the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam hosted a Shoe Care Day with Rik van Houten. People from all over the world visited the store to have their boots properly conditioned and have a look at our latest models. It was a huge success and a lot of people came by. There was a lot of talk on boots and on the proper ways to condition Red Wing leather, there were beers and, most importantly, there were a lot of good vibes! Our store manager Mitch also made some awesome photos of the event and we really wanted to share these with you. We cannot stress enough the importance of taking care of your boots. Leather has to be maintained with the proper conditioner, as well as cleaned thoroughly once in a while to maintain the right oil balance. If the leather lacks nourishing nutrients and protective oils, it will get very dry and rigid. This is not just very uncomfortable but also quite risky for your boots. A pair of properly conditioned Red Wing boots will last you a lifetime and it only takes about you 10-15 minutes to condition them. You only have to do it three or four times a year. That adds up to just one Game of Thrones episode! If you do not want to do it yourself, you could also come by the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam and ask our staff to do it for you! During the Shoe Care day, master cobbler Rik van Houten supervised the conditioning of the boots. He knows everything there is to know about boots and taking care of them. All the resoles we do for our clients are done by Rik. He even does custom resoles! Thank you Rik for helping us out the other day. The insights you provided us with on the best ways to clean and condition Red Wing boots were invaluable! We cannot wait to have you in store again. It is yet unknown when the next Shoe Care Day will be held, so if you want to be sure you get a heads up when the moment arrives, just follow us on Instagram or Facebook!