Kanye West in Red Wing boots

We at Red Wing Amsterdam have always followed the career of Ye (formerly known as Kanye West). We consider some of his records such as ‘Yeezus’, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ and his recent ‘Donda’ to have made history in the hip hop and rap music scene. Besides his music, Ye is also well acclaimed in the fashion world with his inspiring brand Yeezy and collaboration with American apparel brand Gap. Always a step ahead and making bold moves with his choice of clothing and outfits, we definitely consider Ye a style icon.

 kanye west ye in red wing boots

We were happily surprised seeing Ye in a pair of Red Wing boots during his last concert, the Larry Hoover Benefit concert featuring Drake. Yes, that’s right, not Yeezy or Balenciaga boots but a pair of Red Wing boots! Kanye loves his Red Wing boots so much that he keeps on wearing them everyday. He has been spotted numerous of times wearing his boots when he was out and about. Kanye West combines his rare Red Wing boots with a pair of customized washed black Levi’s jeans and we are fully here for this look!

So, we of course all want to know more about Kanye his Red Wing boots, so here’s everything we know (so far).

Kanye is wearing the black Red Wing style 3049 Men’s 17 inch Pac boots. This style stems from our safety work boot category and was originally made for heavy-duty work in the energy sector. Specifically, it was made to withstand sub-zero temperatures as they are heavily lined with quilted Thinsulate and are made on a Vibram sole. This boot is incredibly rare as very few pairs were made and Red Wing stopped shipping this style in 2016. How Ye got his hands on this pair of Red Wing boots, we’re not sure yet. But it was definitely a great find! 

We have seen a lot of buzz across the internet around Kanye West in Red Wing boots and we love it. On aftermarket channels we have noticed people paying a lot of money for the Red WIng #3049 17 inch pac boots to have the same look as Kanye. And to be honest, we are on the look out too and sourcing internally as well.

Anyone else out there rocking a pair of rare Red Wing boots like Ye? We would love to see, please share with us by email or send us a DM on Instagram @redwingamsterdam.

Kanye West Julia Fox Red Wing Boots