RWSSA Ambassador Sven ‘Hammond’ Figee

Music and Red Wing Shoes have always shared a connection. It is something about our boots that draws musicians from around the world to choose Red Wings as their go-to when it comes to footwear. It might be the fact that our boots are just very comfortable and durable or it could have something to do with the free spirit and American heritage that is within each of our products. Anyways, we love music and we love to see artists appreciate our boots! That is why today we want to introduce you to Sven ‘Hammond’ Figee, one of the most Rock ‘n Roll artists of the Netherlands. He is the bandleader of Sven Hammond, an insanely talented keyboardist and friend of our store manager Mitch. He has been rocking (literally and figuratively) Red Wing boots on his Hammond organ for a long time now. He is an ambassador of the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam because he means so much to the Dutch music world and shares our love for Red Wing Shoes. Sven has worked as a producer with some very important Dutch artists and is one of the best session musicians of the Netherlands! Sven Hammond’s latest album ‘Rapture’ was released last September. They spent nearly two years in the studio and did most of the work themselves. From writing and recording to mixing and producing. Sven describes it as rough-edged and spontaneous. The album puts their improvising skills and intuition in the spotlight. Sven Hammond will be touring the Netherlands, Germany and Spain in 2018. Be sure to check out their tour dates on their website! If you have not already, also check out the Red Wing Amsterdam Soundtrack. It went live earlier this month and currently features two of our favourite songs by Sven Hammond. We will regularly be updating the Spotify playlist, so do not forget to follow it if you want to stay up to date!