Red Wing Core Collection: The Classic Moc Toe

As you all probably know by know, we are using the month May as an opportunity to talk about the some of Red Wing's most classic styles. Last week we told you all the ins and outs about the Red Wing Iron Ranger styles, which have been a part of our collection ever since the early 20th century. But these are certainly not the only boots with a historic background on offer at the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam. The Classic Moc Toe is arguably just as iconic as the Iron Ranger. Today we are going to tell you how the Classic Moc Toe originated and why it has been so immensely popular!

Meet the Classic Moc Toe

If we would have to name one Red Wing style that we could not live without, it would be the Classic Moc Toe. As ubiquitous as they are iconic, this style has become more than just a boot. It has come to represent some sort of a philosophy, one in which practicality and style are in perfect harmony. Their most striking features are the white soles and the 'mocassin' design, which, as a matter of fact, originated from early Native American footwear. Ever since its introduction, it has been the go-to boot for the workers they were originally designed for. But the Classic Moc Toe has also found its way into pop culture. From Young Money-rapper Drake to actor Ryan Gosling and athlete David Beckham, some of music, film and sport's biggest stars are known to wear these boots. We can definitely understand why!

The introduction of the Classic Moc Toe

It was during the early 1950's that Red Wing first introduced the 877 8-inch Classic Moc Toe. The style was initially developed for farmers and hunters. These people spent most of their days outside, under strenuous, wet and often cold conditions. The newly introduced boots were quite different from other boots on the market. They featured unique rubber soles, now called Traction Tred soles, that kept most of the dirt from sticking to the boots. The high shafts did not only make the boots weather resistant but they also made them better equipped against snake bites (or unexpected attacks by cute dwarf piggies! ;) And just like any other Red Wing boot, they featured the impeccable Goodyear Welt for which Red Wing is so well known. After the great success of the 8-inch Classic Moc Toe, Red Wing introduced the lower 875 6-inch Classic Moc Toe.

The collection: From Oro-Legacy to Mossy Oak Camouflage

To this day, the Classic Moc Toe has remained virtually unchanged. The Red Wing collection has grown, however, and many different versions of the style have been produced over the past 70+ years. We currently offer almost 20 of them, including the historic 8-inch version, as well as one-time production run and Japanese limited editions. While the Oro-Legacy leather may be the most classic and well-known, leathers like the reddish Oro-Russet Portage, rustic Briar Oil Slick and simplistic Black Chrome have been around for quite some time as well. But there are many more different versions of the Classic Moc Toe. At the moment, we even have some sizes left in a printed camouflage green! And don't even get us started about the Irish Setter limited edition boots of which only a couple of pairs are currently still available.