Out now: The Irish Setter 9874 Moc Toe in Klondike

About three months ago, we introduced the Red Wing Irish Setter Limited Series. The limited, time capsule collection involved two amazing boots with an even more amazing story to tell. We hear you thinking: “That was weeks ago, why are you bringing this up again?”. Well, back then we did not mention that there was a third style to be introduced later in the year. As of today, the third and final installment to the Irish Setter Limited Series is finally here and it’ll be taking you back to the 1950’s all over again! The Limited Edition Irish Setter 9874 Moc Toe in Klondike features all the traditional elements of the historic Irish Setters and can be distinguished from its twin brother, the Irish Setter 9875, by looking at the type of leather that they are made of. Red Wing Shoes chose its all-time favorite Klondike leather to be featured on the boots. This is a double-tanned leather with a brown core and a black exterior. This means that the boots will fade beautifully and end up having a deep brown color. The Irish Setter Limited Series is an homage to the original Irish Setters that made its Red Wing Shoes catalogue debut in the 1950’s. It regarded a 9 inch, lace-up boot for sportsmen. It quickly became very popular among hunters who wore them during their trips through the woods and marches in search for birds and deer. Red Wing Shoes took to their archive to find out as a much as possible about the original production process. They even asked some of their retired workers to come and join them in the factory to share their knowledge on the best ways to recreate some of the original features of the boots. The Puritan two-row backstay chain-stitch and Puritan triple stitch were done using the now almost antique Puritan Stitch machines dating back to the 1890’s. We are talking about the same machines that were used on the first-ever batch of Irish Setter boots. Original mahogany and sage threads were used and the boots come with Klondike leather laces. The Red Wing name is embossed on the side of the boots and a woven “Irish Setter” label can be found on the inside. The Irish Setter Limited Series is a time capsule collection that embodies not only the identity and history of Red Wing Shoes, but also the art of traditional shoemaking that involves handcrafting and a meticulous eye for detail. Along with the rest of the Irish Setter Limited Series, the Irish Setter 9874 Moc Toe in Klondike is available at the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam in the Reestraat, Amsterdam, and at our online store. We advise you to drop by as soon as possible since we expect the boots to be very popular, especially among collectors!