New Red Wing Shoes arrivals: Irish Setter Limited Series

As you might have noticed, the Red Wing Shoes Store Amsterdam collection is growing rapidly. After the crazy release of the all-black Lineman, there is a just as exciting Limited Series waiting for you. Yes, you heard that correctly. Two Limited Edition releases. Two! We are talking about the 9875 Irish Setter Moc and the 9866 Irish Setter Pecos. The “Irish Setter” made its Red Wing Shoes catalogue debut in the 1950’s. It regarded a 9 inch, lace-up boot for sportsmen. It quickly became very popular among hunters, who wore them during their trips through the woods and marches in search for birds and deer. They were made of Sequoia-tanned, deep reddish-orange leather that was of a colour very similar to that of a particular breed of hunting dog – thus the name “Irish Setter”. A new Limited Series Irish Setter was developed by Red Wing Shoes as a pursuit to recreate the iconic style. They would have to resemble their original form as closely possible. Red Wing Shoes needed help to do so and therefore retired workers were once again recruited to share their knowledge on the original production process. A whole new environment-friendly Red Wing leather was created and, last but not least, some serious dusting off of old machines occurred at their Minnesota factory. Now you can finally stop saving for that DeLorean DMC-12 time machine you wanted so bad. Sorry Doc. The new Limited Series Irish Setter will do the very same thing… without the need for any radioactive fuel. The boots are all made with the new Gold Russet Sequoia leather and finished with rectangular bar-track stitches. The two-row backstay chain-stitch was done on the now almost antique Puritan Stitch machine dating back to the 1890’s. The original mahogany and sage threads have been used and the Taslan laces have been traded with leather ones. The Red Wing name is embossed on the side and a top band stitch reinforces to top line of the boots. After opening the vintage box featuring the original design and text, it will be 1955 all over again. The 9875 Irish Setter Moc and 9866 Irish Setter Pecos look like they have been taken right out of the original catalogue. Owning a pair means owning an actual piece of history. Creating these collectible Red Wing Shoes did not mean compromising on quality, however. While the times have changed, adventure has not. The Limited Series Irish Setter is just as ready to embark on demanding hunting trips as their historic counterparts. The boots are usually exclusive to Japan but a limited run has been made available for you guys. We expect these beauties to sell quickly. If you love them as much as we do, we advice you to come visit the Red Wing Shoes Store Amsterdam or have a look at our website soon because you really do not want to miss these.