This one's for the ladies! Red Wing Amsterdam proudly presents: the Red Wing Heritage Women's collection

We have something special to celebrate! For the first time since the 20’s we are launching a Red Wing Women’s collection. We hope you are as excited as we are.
Although Red Wing is widely known for its sturdy and masculine footwear, the brand already started making women’s shoes in the 1920’s, when a wave of feminism got women wearing pants and boots. Somehow, Red Wing women’s shoes started disappearing from the streetscape, but the daughter of the owner of the Red Wing Shoe Company was determined to bring them back. She started working on the new women’s collection two and a half years ago and today we can proudly present it to you.

The Red Wing Heritage women’s collection is made with the same craftsmanship and care as the men’s collection, but satisfies the needs of women’s feet. That’s why all the boots are made with cowhide, with is much softer and thinner than the steer hide used for men’s boots. Not only the leather is more comfortable, also the fit is adjusted to the needs of women. The lasts are completely redesigned for a slimmer and more comfortable wear and the shoes feature a much softer insole.

From today, the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam offers the Short Engineer, Clara, Iron Ranger and 6'' Moc Toe. Get yours in store or online now. And for those of you who are around, don’t miss the launch on Friday September 2nd from 18.00 till 21.00 in our Amsterdam store at the Reestraat.