#RWSAwomen's Month Round-up: Our favourite photos!

Just a couple of days ago, the Red Wing Amsterdam Women's Month came to an end. And boy, did we have a blast! The past month has just been so exciting at the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam. In addition to releasing two new Red Wing Women styles, we received dozens of #RWSAwomen photos from our followers on Instagram. We have featured a lot of them on our Instagram page. It was so awesome to see so many different women, all with very different backgrounds, choosing Red Wing boots as their go-to pair of shoes. From two American motorcross ladies touring Yosemite National Park to our very own colleague's Estonian wife effortlessly pairing her boots with a red Rock 'n Roll polkadot dress... the #RWSAwomen community is incredibly diverse and that's definitely what makes being a part of it so great! To round up the Red Wing Amsterdam Women's Month, we want to highlight some of the coolest photos of our #RWSAwomen contest. While we absolutely loved every single submission, some really stood out, so let's have a look!

@JaanikaBailey from Estonia *rocking* her 2918 Chelsea Rangers // While Red Wing boots are already pretty iconic, Jaanika took the term to the next level. She effortlessly combined her Chelsea Rangers with a truly Rock 'n Roll and very 1950's red polka dotted dress. To top it off she got out here cat-eye sunnies and some Estonian craft beer. Thank you Jaanika, for making us look so cool!

1/2 of the @dualsportwomen motor-crossing Yosemite National Park in her 3365 Iron Rangers // If there is one of thing that Red Wing boots are known for, it's their versatility and durability. (Wait, that's two things... ah well!) ;) The ladies of Dual Sport are avid explorers and decided to take a trip to Yosemite National Park in California, US. Naturally, they took out their motorcycles and Red Wing boots on the trip. Very cool photo, ladies!

Adele Schirato from @bluebell_ink_bassano proving that her 3375 Moc Toes look best when worn with a classic Stetson hat and some ink around the sleeve // Adele took out the big guns and employed a professional photographer to capture her #RWSAwomen look in which she paired iconic with iconic and some more iconic; in other words, she paired her Red Wing boots with some RRL goodies and a timeless Stetson western hat. Quality prevails, that's for sure. Thank you Adele, for the great picture.

Some visitors of the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam taking the concept of squad goals to the next level // The Red Wing Amsterdam Women's Month was not just happening online. Our Amsterdam store was home to a lot of women coming in to get new Red Wing Women boots or to get their old boots conditioned. Take these two beautiful ladies, for example. After picking out some brand new boots, they were happy to pose for a quick #RWSAwomen snapshot! @CarliMCBean

takes over Instagram with her brand-new pair of Classic 8 inch Moc Toe boots // Carli visited our Amsterdam store with a mission. She wanted to get herself a pair of 8 inch Moc Toe boots. We had so much fun helping her out and getting to know her and her friend. She was so happy with her new boots that she decided to post not one, not two, but a full-on collage of six different #RWSAwomen photos, one of which featured her super cute dog. We are looking forward to seeing you back in our store, Carli!