Roadside Repair Shop on Red Wing boots

Nijverdal in the Netherlands had a brief moment of fame back in 1902, when gold was found there. However, the gold fever did not last very long and more or less ended before it even started. But until this day, Nijverdal remains the only place in the Netherlands where gold was ever found. Today, Nijverdal is home to Wouter and his Roadside Repair Shop. He started messing around with motorcycles and decided to build his own custom motorbike. While customizing his bike with his best friend Hans, Wouter struggled to find the parts he needed and struggled even more to find them at an affordable price. Whenever he did manage to find a batch of affordable customize products, he bought up the entire batch and then startedreselling the parts he didn’t need on the internet. This turned out to be a gold mine. Within no time, he got rid of the extra parts and made some money on the side. This is how the Roadside Repair Shop slowly came into existence. Because of the extensive experience Wouter has in customizing bikes (he even rebuilt a complete retro Shovel!), he knows what bike builders and customizers need and are looking for... he knows because he is one of them. This is why his business grew fast and became a known name in the bike customizing world. Today, there are even a few serious custom part suppliers partnered up with Roadside to sell their products. As many motorbike riders do, Wouter wears Red Wing boots when riding and working. Red Wing offers everything he needs: comfort, style, and they hold up in different weather conditions. Wouter owns several pairs, some of which are well used, and his boot of choice is the Moc Toe. Nothing quite says “Red Wing” like a Moc Toe boot with a white polyurethane outsole does. It’s a style that Red Wing started making in the 1950s for sportsmen, but it worked equally well on farms, bikes, and in factories. The Traction Tred sole has minimal tread that sheds mud and provides the underfoot comfort the work day requires. The crescent-shaped stitching on the toe was inspired by the construction of the shoes, or “moccasins”originally worn by the North American Algonquin Indians. The Classic Moc Toe boots have since become a legend. When you are planning your next road-trip, make sure you visit the Roadside Repair Shop. Wouter is a perfect host and his store has so much good stuff to check out. And even though no more gold can be found there today, the area in which Roadside is located still has one of the best sceneries in the Netherlands with perfect riding roads, so don’t hesitate and get on your bikes! Photo’s & video’s EV Creative Studio