Red Wing Shoes Store Amsterdam x Barrett Alley Hemp Bracelet

We are very proud to share with you the very first collaboration ever since we opened our doors roughly 2,5 years back. Although we primarily stock Red Wing boots in our store, we have a deep passion for all other products that carry the same essence of timelessness and are made from durable (and organic) materials. Please let us introduce Barrett Alley to you, an accessory brand with a conscious approach to handcrafts. Each of their products is manufactured by hand, from a careful selection of organic materials such as leather, cotton, linen and bone. Apart from their range in leather accessories like wallets, coin pouches and belts, they also make beautiful bracelets. After some good contact with Barrett Alley, we decided to join hands and release a limited edition of a bracelet made from unique materials. The fabric for the bracelet is made from a vintage Japanese hemp piece of cloth that Barrett Alley resourced. It has been around for more than a 100 years and was produced on a rather narrow loom, considering the fabric measures 30cm in width. The piece originally functioned as a blanket for the Japanese, who used these blankets for over decades and rather than just throwing them away they repaired the holes with patchwork. To us, such a detail only makes the fabric more beautiful. The leather is a vegetable tanned type. It has been dyed with dye made from mulberries grown in the backyard of mister Barrett Alley himself and gives the leather its distinguishing pale reddish color. Each bracelet is numbered by a brandmark and the bracelets are limited to a total amount of 24 pieces. The Barrett Alley Hemp Bracelet will be exclusively available at the Red Wing Shoes Store Amsterdam for the retail price of €89,90.