Red Wing Shoes Men 2017 Holiday Guide

December is finally here! While it is certainly a time to be jolly and merry and wear ugly, yet satisfying Christmas sweaters, it is, above all, a time to be thankful. We like to believe that during the Holidays we get the opportunity to express our love and thankfulness to the people we are closest to. By giving back, for example. What better way is there to give back than to give a pair of Red Wing shoes. Our shoes are timeless and durable. Whomever you decide to give a pair will be able to enjoy them for years to come. If you have already decided that you want to give your boyfriend, father or best friend the gift of gifts (aka a pair of RW’s!) this Christmas, you are probably debating on which style he would like the most. To make your choice a bit easier, we have created the Red Wing Shoes Men 2017 Holiday Guide. Depending on what type he is, you can be sure of getting it right with your gift! All the shoes are available in our online store and at the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam in the Reestraat, Amsterdam.

The adventurer

The adventurer likes to explore. He works out all the time and is always on the lookout for (you guessed it) adventure. He is usually the one to come up with exciting travel plans. But you already know that these won’t involve any white beaches and resort hotels. He is probably going to take you exploring an forgotten cave system or climbinga snow-capped mountain. The adventurer needs shoes that can take him anywhere. He must be able to walk in them for long distances without losing comfort. When it comes to adventure, you cannot go wrong with any of our Red Wing Moc Toe styles. They are as classic as they are comfortable – and boy are they comfortable. The Red Wing Rover, a newer style, may also be a great gift. It has a unique design and a cushion crepe sole that is super comfortable and offers great traction on a variety of surfaces.

The businessman

The businessman knows what he wants. He works long days and loves what he does. He is a pro in leading business meetings, negotiating contracts and keeping his head cool when dealing with complex problems. Every morning, he leaves for his office all suited-up and ready to rock ‘n roll his day. He is a boss that everyone (in- and outside of the office) can rely on. The businessman may have to dress a bit more formally. His appearance must match his character: Professional and in charge. There is one Red Wing style that is ideal for such a lifestyle: The Red Wing Merchant. It comes in a beautiful Olive suede, Ebony leather or Black Spitfire leather. Without a toe reinforcement, the boots look rather contemporary and feel right at home under a suit.

The socializer

The socializer is all about people. From a night-out or a quick lunch to a last-minute city-trip with his friends, he is easy-going and likes to be around people and have fun. But he is also a reliable friend with a great listening ear. If one of his friends or family members is having problems, they can always come to him for advice. The socializer needs boots that can take him places and look good at the same time. A versatile and convenient style that can keep him warm during unexpected nights out will probably be best for him! The Red Wing Blacksmith is ideal for him because they fit under nearly every outfit and can be worn under all possible conditions. The Red Wing Harvester would also be a great gift. They are a bit higher and have a bit of a military look to them.

The does-it-all

The does-it-all, uhm…well… does it all. From managing his own business to exciting nights out with his friends and adventurous trips to foreign countries: He is always on the move and dedicated to making sure that the people around him are having fun too. He is a true multitasker! The does-it-all needs shoes that are fit for every occasion. Comfy and stylish at the same time, the classic Red Wing Beckman would be a perfect choice. The gorgeous smooth leather gives them a formal appeal, while the rugged sole and sturdy construction make them ideal for exploring. They come in three beautiful colours that each age in their own unique way. It is one of our most timeless styles.

The collector

The collector already owns quite the collection of Red Wing shoes. Iron Ranger, Moc Toe, Blacksmith… been there done that, baby! He might even have a pair of Pecos and some limited editions. He loves the craftsmanship that goes into making Red Wing shoes and wears his continuously. He regularly visits our website or drops by our store to see whether we’ve got anything new in store. The collector is the hardest to find the right gift for. He is probably up to date on the entire collection. Try to find out which style he is still longing for. If you are planning on giving something really, really special, the Red Wing Irish Setter Moc Toe is the way to go. It is a unique Red Wing Shoe Store Exclusive Limited Edition reproduction of the historic 1950’s model of the same name. We only have a limited number of boots available!