Out Now: Limited Edition Supersole!

Since we have just launched the limited edition Red Wing Supersole boots, we thought it might be nice to share the history behind this original style. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Red Wing developed and patented the ‘Super Sole’ method in the 1970’s as there was a big drive in the U.S to reduce the cost of Work boots and shoes in the industry. At that time the US was transitioning to cement manufacturing process (bonding and attaching the sole to the shoe body). Red Wing created the ‘Super Sole’ manufacturing method to produce a highly durable boot at a relatively low cost compared to existing methods available at the time. The ‘Super Sole’ method sews the welt to the ‘upper’ creating a boot that is as strong as the Goodyear welt process but at a reduced cost. In the subsequent bottoming process (attaching the sole), instead of sewing the sole to the welt, the shoe body is set into a mold and the sole is cast in Urethane foam. This creates a high-quality shoe, allowing for the of use of exceptional quality oiled leathers which cannot be used in a non welted cement process (as the cement method of fixing uppers and sole with adhesive weakens the bonding effect, due to oils in the leather). Additionally, Red Wing uses Urethane soles that have the advantage of excellent grip, wear resistance and cushioning properties, resulting in a lightweight durable and cost-effective boot or shoe. Red Wing insoles use a anti fungal urethane material called ‘Poron’ instead of leather and this has gradually become the mainstream method adopted for production of work boots and shoes and is still the favoured production method in the world market (including the US). The Moc Toe boot #204 manufactured using the ‘Super Sole’ method was widely worn across the US in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The #204 was discontinued in the US market in the 1990’s but the boot continued to gain popularity with extensive sales in Japan. The limited edition Red Wing SuperSole is available in the 8801 Copper Rough & Tough and the 8802 Sand Mohave.