A pair of Greasy Hands on a pair of Blacksmith Red Wing Shoes

The sturdiness and high quality make Red Wing boots perfect for heavy-duty jobs and adventurous activities, something our friend Thierry Dricot knows all too well! Thierry is the brain behind Greasy Hands, a fresh and new event focused on craftsmanship and the lifestyle in and around the custom motorcycle scene. A place where you can participate in workshops such as welding, painting, electricity and all other things ‘motorcycle maintenance’. To keep you fed and inspired, Greasy Hands also provides food trucks and stands with all different kinds of lifestyle brands. Because the event will have its first run in our very own hometown Amsterdam, it is no surprise the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam will also be part of the Greasy Hands event. For those of you who have been spending a lot of time on your motorcycle wearing your Red Wing boots, we will be present to condition your shoes and make them look brand new again. To promote his brainchild, Thierry took his Harley Davidson motorcycle for a one-month trip through Europe to visit all of the Greasy Hands participants personally. Because you might consider this one of those adventurous activities, we thought it would be perfect for him to start at the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam to pick up a fresh new pair of Red Wing Shoes for the road. Thierry took us up on our offer and got himself some 2958 Blacksmith in Hawthorne Muleskinner before heading off on his Euro-trip. For those who are curious about the Greasy Hands, we will post more about the upcoming on our blog. But for now, take a look at the pictures of Thierry picking up his Red Wing Shoes at the Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam.