87520 Chop Moc Toe American Bison & Black Cherry Excalibur


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Fit informatie

Red Wing Shoes tend to run larger than your regular shoe size. Please take this into consideration when purchasing a pair. We would therefore recommend to take this style a full size down.


Alert “Warehouse find”

Just before the pandemic struck, a hand full of the 87520 “Chop Top, Buffalo leather” Moc Toes were produced in Red Wing USA. Shutdowns, Shortage of labor and challenges in shipping left these boots in the back of our warehouse. Now we found them… only 150 pair.

Now available exclusive at Red Wing Shoe Stores in Europe.

87520 Moc AKA the “Chop Top”

There is and has been for years a group of Red Wing Heritage users that love their 877 but want a 6” version.  This niche group or subculture claims the 877 construction is the most comfortable, which is why they would rather pay full price for a pair of 877’s and take it to repair shop to chop the top. There are videos of well-known repair shops like Brian the Bootmaker in the USA talking to this very story of cutting down 877’s to a 6” height.


The Excalibur and Buffalo hides. Used for the 87520 “Chop Top” become buttery-soft over time and the Buffalo hide will form and mold around the ankle better than any leather we have. The Buffalo hide was first introduced when we gifted our Japanese Red Wing team with a pair of 877’s with the same leathers after achieving the ultimate milestone of selling it’s millionth pair.

  • Only 150 pieces made
  • Exclusively available at the Red Wing Shoe Stores
  • Made in the USA
  • American Bison and Black Cherry Excalibur leather
  • White Traction Tred Outsole
  • Width size D